CTRA Sponsoring All Candidates Forum

Comox voters are invited to meet and question their municipal and school board election candidates during an All Candidates Forum sponsored by the Comox Town Residents’ Association.

The moderated and timed event will be held at the Comox Recreation Centre on Noel Avenue, Multi-purpose Hall 1, on Thursday, November 3, 2011. The doors will open at 7:15 pm for a meet and greet, and the Forum will begin at 7:30 p.m. sharp and run for a reasonable length of time before Candidate summations.

The Forum will be divided into three main sections: timed speeches from candidates, an audience question period, and a short summation statement by the candidates.

Visitors wishing to ask a question will be asked to sign their name on a card before the Forum begins. Cards will be drawn at random. Only one question is permitted per person. Questions may be directed to any candidate but both questions and answers will be timed to ensure that as many people as possible can participate. Debates will not be permitted.

Nominations for Comox municipal candidates must be received at Town Hall by Friday, October 14, so these Forums are an ideal opportunity for voters to meet and question the men and women who hope to guide Comox during the next three years.

The municipal election will take place on Saturday, November 19, 2011.

Further election data and Forum information is posted on http://www.tidechange.ca  and the Elections section of this site.


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