CVCS proposes sustainable use recreation area for Comox Lake

You will find below a completed draft copy of a proposal to create a Sustainable Use Recreation Area for the Comox Lake Watershed.  The Comox Lake watershed is a highly valued and used watershed. Unfortunately the health of the watershed is currently at risk. 

The need to establish an ecologically based approach to watershed management that conserves ecological values and meets the community’s needs for recreation, clean drinking water and sustainable economic use is becoming more urgent.

This proposal was developed based on research that included available environmental and land use information, and a survey of local recreational groups and businesses that rely on access to the Comox Lake watershed. The research was used to outline an ecologically based multi- use watershed management plan that strikes a balance between human use and watershed health.

The Comox Valley Conservation Strategy Steering Committee will be promoting this proposal to the broader community and local and provincial levels of government starting in January 2013.  In order to move the proposal forward we are asking your group to review the attached proposal and provide us with your group’s endorsement.  A letter of support stating that endorsement received by January 5, 2013 would assist us in our efforts.

If you have any questions, or would like a member of our group to meet with you or your organization to discuss the proposal with you please contact project manager David Stapley at the number below.

David Stapley
Project Manager
Comox Valley Conservation Strategy Community Partnership


NOTE: The Executive Summary for this Proposal is on pages 3-5.

This document may be saved after being opened in the Acrobat Reader.  Go to “File” on the menu bar (upper left) and click on “Save As”/”Save Page As” to save it to your computer.

Comox Lake Sustainable Use Recreation Area Draft  (.pdf)


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