Comox Declared 2014 Election Candidates

This is the list of declared candidates for Comox Council and School District #71 …


Tom Grant –
Paul Ives (incumbent) –


Russ Arnott –
Kathleen Bell
Don Davis
Ken Grant (incumbent)
Marg Grant –
Hugh McKinnon (incumbent)
Ian Moul –
Barbara Price (incumbent) –
Maureen Swift (incumbent) –
Vivienne Webster

Peter Coleman (incumbent)
Jeany Dell Siega
Tonia Frawley
Chettie MacDonald
Meredith Starkey


One response to “Comox Declared 2014 Election Candidates

  1. I hope the format of the all candidates meeting will be improved this year. Last time both the moderator and some of the questioners seemed to think we wanted to hear their life histories rather than ask questions of the candidates. They also wasted time by not getting to the microphones until they were called out. The old queue method worked better, plus you didn’t have to fill out a form with your question for the moderator to pick and choose.

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