Important notice to CTRA Members

Dear members of the Comox Town Residents Association (C.T.R.A.),
It is with regret that the C.T.R.A. Board of Directors has decided that it is an appropriate time to dissolve the C.T.R.A.  The Board has been struggling over the last year or so to effectively conduct the affairs of the Association. The President elected at the last A.G.M. resigned, another Board member passed away and others have ongoing health concerns and/or have interests elsewhere. At the end of August we explained our situation and asked the  C.T.R.A. membership if anyone would step up to be on the Board but no one replied.
As a result the Board is left with no alternative but to recommend to the membership that the Comox Town Residents Association be dissolved. The current Board will be resigning once the final affairs of the Society are taken care of; likely on or before the end of December.
We realize that there is a difference between being interested in civic affairs and being active in civic affairs.  Many C.T.R.A. members may be putting their energies to good use elsewhere and that is to be appreciated.  We believe that over the years, the C.T.R.A. has been a progressive and effective organization that has worked to make the Town of Comox more livable and enjoyable.  It is now time however to move on to other endeavors.
We wish to announce a general meeting  of the C.T.R.A. membership which will be held on November 21st. at 2pm in the main hall at Comox United Church. At this meeting there will be three items of discussion.  There will first be a motion presented to the membership to dissolve the Society.  There will then be a motion to liquidate the financial affairs of the Society. We will then discuss the donations of our financial assets to similar minded groups.  At the meeting the membership will be given a final chance to stand for a replacement Board.  If so, there must be at least 7-9 members in good standing ready to take on the Board positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Membership, Recording Secretary and members at large.

CTRA Board of Directors 



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