Letters, Information and Reports


The CTRA monitors important issues in the Comox Valley and writes letters where appropriate.
Letter regarding proposed Raven Coal Mine:  CEALetterJune2011


In 2008, the CTRA conducted a survey of Comox citizens, to discover what the vision THEY had for our town. Here are the results:  CTRA2008SurveyResults


We hold our Annual General Meeting in the spring every year.

Below are our President’s reports for the past few years:

2010: AGM 2010 Presidents Report

2011: AGM2011PresidentsReport

2012:AGM 2012 CTRA President’s Report

2013: AGM 2013 CTRA President’s Report

2014: AGM 2014 CTRA President’s Report

2015: AGM 2015 CTRA President’s Report

2016: AGM 2016 CTRA President’s Report


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