About Us

Membership Renewal Form 2013 (click here to download)

Why join the CTRA? Read about us here:  AboutUs2013

Are you concerned about your quality of life in Comox?

Do you have an opinion on:

Planning for the future
Population growth and density
Property Taxes
Housing and its cost
Municipal services
Safety and law enforcement
Natural green space and parks
Waste management and recycling
Clean air
Clean water
Job Opportunities
Economic viability of Comox
Arts & Culture!!

Read our Vision Statement here: CTRA Vision Statement

We are:

A forum to voice your concerns and opinions
A channel to present your views
A network to provide you with information!!

Read our History hereCTRAHistoryUpdate2015

Are you familiar with the Comox Official Community Plan (OCP)?

The CTRA is able to speak to all levels of government with the credibility of an incorporated society.

We produce regular reports. Read them here: https://ctrahq.wordpress.com/about/43-2/


One response to “About Us

  1. Was happy to see the Echo article (Jul 18) about Speeding Problem Areas. One other area you should consider is Guthrie Road by Brooklyn School. It has become quite the speed zone and we are very concerned about children crossing to access the school playground & soccer field, and all others crossing to access the Lazo walking trails. The problem is worsening with the new housing developments in the area.

    I would suggest the stretch be re-designated a 30 kmph zone year round and that improved signage be posted. An additional calming strategy would be to make Torrence / Guthrie a four way stop.

    Would be happy to provide more info if required.

    Thanks kindly . . . Bill

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