About the Friends of Comox Lazo Forest Reserve

The Northeast Woods Lazo Marsh Conservation Area comprises approximately 467 acres (186 ha) of land under three jurisdictions — the Regional District of Comox- Strathcona, the Town of Comox, and the Government of British Columbia. About one-third of conservation area is used for light recreation with many popular trails for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding.

The Friends of Comox-Lazo Forest Reserve Society (FOCLFR) was incorporated in 1996, two years after the Northeast Woods was declared a Crown Forest Reserve by the Government of British Columbia. The Society’s members are committed to good stewardship, preservation and protection of the area.

The Society conducts annual cleanups of the Northeast Woods Area and over the years has cleaned up much of the debris remaining from the years when the Torrence Road section was used as a municipal dump. Volunteer patrols ensure trails are maintained and “unfriendly” activities are discouraged.

Many trails in the conservation area have been named after local pioneer families or flora and fauna found here. Others have been named by local mountain bikers who created many of the trails and were the earliest users and supporters of this park.

The conservation area is recognized for its special and rare ecosystems, which include second growth mixed forests, meadows, sand dunes, lakes and marsh wetlands.

A wealth of wildlife — bird, mammal, reptile, amphibian and fish — inhabit the area and many rare native tree and plant species are thrive here.

Download our Map and Brochure: newoodslazomarshbrochure

Contact: Barbara Price
Tel: 250-339-4037

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